Best Destination Wedding Photographer in India .

The wedding is the most prominent part of anyone life. Earlier people used to get married in their respective cities but the term Destination Wedding had set a new trend. A destination wedding is the wedding that happens away from your hometown. The destination is planned by the couple and their families where in the presence of their close friends and family members want to tie the know of forever.

destination wedding is a place of your dreams that gives you a luxurious atmosphere where your family and friends raise their toast on the reunion of two lovebirds starts a new journey together in the path of forever. t the scenic beauty heart-filling music plays at the background with a beautiful feast of food will be such a perfect moment to give your relationship a new dimension. It gives the pleasure to the couple to hold their wedding in a romantic and dreamy location with every detail to suit the requirements. Such celebration either lasts for hours or days with mouth-watering foods and arrangements for all the guests.

We at Garry Luthra Photography are the professional team of best destination wedding photographers who portrays different stories through each angle that they click. With 15 years of experience in the field of photography we would creatively capture every precious moment of your destination wedding so that you can cherish the memories forever with a visual record. We tell stories through our clicks and would love to make one for you. Our team is an amalgamation of both creativity and uniqueness that will make your wedding no less than a fairy tale. Our team understands the importance of such precious moments in life and thus will capture your every critical moment in a way that you can cherish it forever and whenever you scroll through our clicks about your wedding, it will refresh Memories of your destination wedding.

Photographs or the images that we click play an essential role in everyone’s life. Photographer in India is very popular.These visuals connect us to our past. They are a necessary mode of connection that reminds us of people, feelings, places, and stories. Photographs help us to know who we are. However, photos are no less than a tangible link to the past. However, photography helps us to preserve the people and events in our lives forever and you can do it by hiring the wedding photographer in India. Photography has turned into a full flamed profession that acts as a necessity on birthdays, anniversaries, and marriages. Photographs are rather our personal story incorporating the faces and the places that we love. It is our story to share with our loved ones. Hundreds of images are clubbed together to form a narrative of our lives.

Furthermore, we can also say that images are much more than a single record. They speak to the best and most generous part of our human nature. Photography fulfills our desire to share what we love and find beautiful with others. Every best photographer in India has its own vision as well as perception to things around them. They make it evident to their audience through the images that they click. This helps them to show their side of the story through their pictures. We are one of the professional photographers in India. It is pioneered by a talented photographer who holds an excellent vision to turn ordinary into something extraordinary. Photography is not only about clicking a picture. It is instead an amalgamation of both art and science. A good photographer is aware of both its sides. However, the best wedding photographer in India of Click Arts is a professional artist who knows how to operate the latest technologies in the right way to click pictures from the right angle. As professionally experienced, the artist knows what angle tells the best story. Therefore, we hold the capability to click outstanding images that you can treasure and cherish it forever.


Destination weddings are in with more and more couples opting for this to make their special day a truly memorable one. Planning a wedding away from your home ground can be exciting but stressful at the same time. This is why you should choose an experienced destination wedding photographer to capture all your memories. 

Once you find the right person, it is important to sit down with them and discuss all aspects of the wedding. List out any specific photographs you want clicked and chalk out other details. The destination wedding photography segment is still evolving in our country and finding a knowledgeable professional can be difficult.

Irrespective of the city, choosing someone who is local to the area or familiar with the place, might be a good idea since they will know their way around the place. They are sure to know the best spots in the region for some great wedding photographs. But if you are worried that they might not be good enough, go through Garry Luthra photography the best destination wedding photographers in India and shortlist a few. 

About Garryluthra Photography

GARRY LUTHRA PHOTOGRAPHY provides wedding photography services in india & International Also . The Garry Luthra team focuses on the beauty that every moment holds. From dramatic shots in your venue to romantic poses as a new couple, every image will highlight vibrant colors and stunning views. The team loves to travel wherever you are in order to provide couples with the best in wedding photography.

Garry luthra working from last 15 years his passions for Destination photography and traveling and decided to shoot weddings professionally. One wedding even included international destination wedding.

Services Offered
About The Garry luthra Photography offers unlimited coverage for some wedding packages and many include both photographers on site. You’ll view images from your engagement shoot and wedding on an online gallery for easy printing access. Their full services also include:

  • Destination/travel
  • One event per day
  • Slideshow
  • Multiple locations
  • Toning
  • Wedding portraits
  • Other Services
  • The team also has the experience to capture your wedding in video form. Many packages will include multiple cameras covering your ceremony and reception in high-definition. Additional montages and honeymoon endings can be added to create the wedding video of your dreams.

Check with family and friends for reviews and if the destination wedding photographer of your choice lives in your vicinity, just take him along instead of looking for some stranger in a strange town. Include some pre and post wedding photos to provide a complete compendium of the entire event.