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He popped the question, you said yes and now you’re both planning an extravaganza for one of the biggest days of your lives together! How exciting! Out of the gazillion decisions you’ll make in the coming months, one is booking professional candid photographers. Whether you hail from the city or even if it’s a destination wedding, there are some things you need to consider to ensure the wedding photography and cinema/ videography go off without a hitch. Read on to find out what these are:

Traditional vs Candid photography. What’s the difference?

A regular photographer generally covers group shots on the stage or important marriage rituals. These pictures are mostly posed and you know that they’re being clicked. A candid photographer is more artistic in nature. He (or she) likes to stay out of your way and capture the smallest spontaneous emotions or moments. Like the bride and her sister popping a bottle of bubbly before her entrance, the groomsmen sharing a joke with the groom etc. Similarly traditional videos are shot to document each and every aspect of a marriage chronologically. A cinematic video on the other hand, narrates the couple’s love story using snippets from the wedding, recorded messages from friends and family etc.

How can Garry luthra photography help in finding the best wedding photographer in Chandigarh ?

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Can I find wedding photographers in my locality?

Though it’s more important to search for a good candid wedding photographer than searching for one in your locality. But still if you wish to find a professional photography studio in your locality you can find them here: Wedding photographers in Mohali, photography studio in Sector 17, candid photographers in Zirakpur, wedding photography in panchkula and more.

  • Luxury wedding photography services: If you are willing to spend on luxury photography for your wedding, then there are one of the best photographers in Chandigarh that provide such premium services : Garry luthra photography

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the services provided by wedding photographers in Chandigarh? Wedding photographers provide a number of services such as traditional photography, candid photography, pre-wedding shoots, drone photography and photo albums to name a few.
  • How much does a wedding photographer in Chandigarh charge for a day? We have a list of wedding photographers in Chandigarh from varying budgets, low to high. So, it totally on what is your budget. But on an average, you can find photographers who charge anywhere between 80,000 to 2,50,000 a day.
  • What are the latest trends in wedding photography?
    • Monotone photography- black and pictures have their own beauty and charm. There is nothing like a monotone picture amidst all the colorful shots.
    • Phone photography- the technology has been evolving and the mobile phones now have great features. One such feature is the camera phones these days have great camera quality that can easily click pictures as good as those clicked by DSLR cameras.
    • Pre wedding shoots- pre wedding shoots are really common these days. It helps the couple to spend some time together before the wedding madness begins and at the same time get some great shots. Some people go for themed photo-shoot however some go for really chilled out and casual shoots. Pictures from such shoots can also be used as a part of the wedding invitations or as apart of decor for your pre-wedding functions.
    • Drone photography- another recent trend in terms of wedding photography is drone photography or aerial shots.
  • Should one book a common wedding photographer for both sides? Booking a common wedding photographer is definitely a good . Also, if you’re thinking to hire a common photographer, do ask for discounts, if any.
  • How much is the charge for drone photography for weddings? It is a new trend in wedding photography which uses drone for capturing photos and videos. It costs around INR 1.5 lakh to INR 6 lakhs

What are the 5 things Chandigarh Photographers want you to tell them?

  • This way they’ll know who’s who and it’ll help them capture your near and dear ones.
  • Give them an idea about your wedding photo inspiration-The treasured moments you want them to capture without fail.
  • A timeline of wedding events- When do you plan on taking family portraits? What is the estimated time for the pheras? If you’re planning a secret flash mob, tell them.
  • Your overall expectations- Do you want them to focus on capturing the tiny details in the décor? Do you want them to steer clear of guests while they eat?

How do I pick the best photographer?

Looking for professionals to capture a pre wedding shoot or big fat Chandigarh weddings? We’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to browse through reviews left .

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